UKIP and Equal Marriage

I have been debating on Twitter today with a gay UKIP supporter who claims that the reason for UKIP’s antipathy to marriage equality is solely due to the “threat” to churches that the European Court of Human Rights might force them to do so.  He cites Denmark, where the state church is of course obliged to carry out same sex marriages, with proposer protection for the individual consciences of clergy who decline. Most of us say that is no evidence whatsoever that the ECHR would force the Church of England to carry out same sex marriages because here the legislation explicitly forbids it and in Denmark the legislation explicitly requires it. National sovereignty in action. 

He states that he has seen in some article a statement that the only reason the Danish legislature so legislated was because of an ECHR case. He said he read it in the Telegraph. Can anyone help him find any reference anywhere (Telegraph or not) to an ECHR case originating from Denmark forcing a church to marry a same sex couple against the Church’s will? I can’t find anything…

Thank you!


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Hello. This is my personal (as opposed to my professional) blog. I am in (at the time of setting up this blog, anyway), in my fifties. I live in north central London with my husband, a headteacher. I have an interest in law - though that no doubt will be shown principally in my professional blog - in civil rights; in politics; in travel; in religion, though in the sense that I am a life member of the National Secular Society and strongly resent the role religion and its doctrines plays in the lives of those who simply want to ignore it; and in life generally.
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2 Responses to UKIP and Equal Marriage

  1. legionseagle says:

    Links to the only ECHR case and commentary they might have been thinking about:

  2. Harry says:

    Thanks legionseagle. Indeed that doesn’t get them very far as the situation envisaged is the Government’s original proposal – to ban all religious marriages rather than offer an opt-in.

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