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Open Letter from Adonis to Welby

Open Letter from Adonis to Welby here’s an entertaining letter from Lord Adonis to Archbishop-elect Welby. Welby has of course followed in public the backward and bigoted line of the Church of England on opposing equal marriage. And the Cof E runs some of the most exclusive schools … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new Conservative party, same as the old Conservative party..

I saw an article in the Torygraph abut the new Conservative candidate for Eastleigh. Again, not a stunning advert for the modernised Tory party. the candidate, Maria Hutchings, is an unreconstructed social arch-conservative. She is anti-immigration (“I don’t care about … Continue reading

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The Tories are not detoxified yet.

An interesting day. The de-toxification of the Tory Party appears to have stalled somewhat. I found it painful, almost embarrassing, to listen to the reason-free burblings from the opponents of marriage equality in the Commons this afternoon. Mainly their purported … Continue reading

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